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Gnostic: Survivors » Update 0.3

1st iteration of Tower Defense

Defend the crystal from the never ending waves of enemies
If the Crystal dies, you either restart or return to the hub. If the player dies, they respawn after 20 seconds.

Currently 4 types of turrets

  • Fire Turret: Shoots at the nearest enemy – Cost: 100
  • Ice Turret: Freezes enemies in place for 3 seconds – Cost: 50
  • Poison Turret: Applies a damage over time on the enemy, dealing 2 damage every second – Cost: 100
  • Lightning Turret: Applies a debuff on the enemies, doubling all damage received. – Cost: 100

Basic Mechanics

  • Use the Upgrade Station to build turrets, upgrade your weapon, or heal the Crystal.
  • Use Golden Coins to craft items, players receive 10 coins per kill and 10 coins per Level Up.
  • Upgrades Cost 200 coins each
  • Healing the Crystal costs 100 Coins

New Map for TD

Working on custom enemies for TD.
Currently only 2 enemies which are taken from Endless mode.