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Gnostic: Survivors » Update 0.2

Overall polish of almost everything. Small QoL improvements.

Combat Update:

  • Aim with right click for different effects, depending on the weapon type you have. Staff, creates an aura buff for players standing inside, bow increases crit chance and crit damage, sword blocks all damage until you run out of stamina.

New Abilities:

  • Rework of earth bow abilities
  • Sword teleport ability. Once found, highlight enemies while blocking, attack to teleport to enemy
  • Staff aura buffs, crit chance increase, armor increase

Balance Changes:

  • Increased enemy damage.
  • Adjusted ability damages.

New Enemies

  • Reaper- fast flying enemy, summons tracking AoE and dashes towards player
  • Ticker- explodes on contact with player
  • New Boss- spin attack and summons 3 rock tornadoes that chase the player

New Map

  • New environmental hazards, weather changes depending on the biome and tornadoes roam the areas
  • 4 distinct biomes, each with their own theme and items hidden around, go explore!