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Gnostic: Survivors » Update 0.2.2

Most requested change was to make it more obvious how to start the game. Now players should have a better understanding of what is going on when starting the game and when a player dies.

New Hud elements telling the player what to do at the beginning of the game in Endless mode.

New Weapon descriptions telling players what each weapons passive ability is (holding right click)

Now plays an animation and sound when the player dies, before teleporting the player to the respawn mini game, also tells players with a hud message what to do in the mini game.

There is a multiplayer respawn mechanic if a player dies the second time for good, any remaining players can complete the challenge to bring all dead players back. I want players to discover and figure out how to do this event. Listen and look for visual clues for hints.

Also further increased performance by changing lighting in the main map and removing dynamic lights on projectiles.