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Power Fantasy » Update 0.16 + Christmas DLC release

It’s a big day for Power Fantasy!
I just released a big update and the first DLC: Krampus Night, a Christmas themed content pack!
There will be a giveaway of 5 Steam keys in the Discord on Sunday, join the Server if you want to get into the pool.

UPDATE 0.16 – Patch notes


New hero: Gundel, the Firestarter
Type: Fire
Burn the ground on projectile impact.
Burn damage scales with projectile damage modifiers.

Each hero will unlock a unique companion after beating Nightmare 2. I added the first batch with 0.16. You can toggle them in the hero selection.

  • Rolling Stone: Deals 10 physical damage on impact. (Aric)
  • Spirit Guardian: Start your run with an additional spirit heart. (Ember)
  • Ice Orb: +100% freeze duration (Icicle)
  • Swamp Frog: +10% evasion (Misty)
  • Cloudy: Hits enemies with 2 lightning damage. (Zikk)

Midgame stats
When pausing the game, leveling up or picking up an item, you can now see a neat little summary of all your stats!
You can also see details about your active perks during the run!


  • Added 19 new achievements
  • New sound effect on damage taken
  • New visual indicators for the book perks
  • Added a new enemy to wave 3: Brain Slayer
  • New item mods and perks around additional min and max flat damage
  • New item debuff: Your max damage is your min damage.
  • New boss: Grim Reaper
  • Mimics now drop an item instead of a health potion
  • Completing a challenge will now add new enemies to the enemy pool (Experimental)

Damage rebalancing / Perk reworks:
I changed some of the book-specific perks to give them more identity but also to make them viable to every hero. Specific type related damage modifiers were converted to global projectile damage.


  • Removed Trickshot
  • New perks: Accelerator and Far Shot

Fire (DoT):

  • Procentual fire damage modifiers are now flat burn damage improvements
  • Moved the Magma ball projectile from Ember to a new perk: Magma Ball
  • Ember has now a 30% chance to spread burns
  • Removed all projectile damage modifiers from the fire perks, it’s all about burn damage now
  • Arsonist: Changed 100% burn damage to +2 burn damage
  • Burned page: Added +1 burn damage
  • New perk “Heat”: +100% burn duration, +1 burn damage
  • Hotheaded: Added +2 burn damage

Ice (Pierce):

  • Moved “Penetrator” from General to Ice
  • Chilly: Converted 20% Ice Damage to 8% Projectile Damage
  • Glacial Shot: Converted 50% Ice Damage to +1 pierce

Arcane (Chain):

  • Multiple Endings: +1 chain instead of +2 frontal projectiles
  • Fuzzy Illusion: Converted 40% Arcane Damage to 10% Projectile Damage
  • New perk: Arcane Presence (Aura): Slow enemies around you

Physical (Projectiles):

  • Cascade: Moved to Manual Of Might
  • Last Man Standing: Moved to General perks and removed the physical damage
  • Veteran: Now saves your current xp after level up. Now also adds +1 max health
  • Mighty Hands: Converted 80% Physical Damage to 40% Projectile Damage

Lightning (Triggers):

  • The shockwave from Storm Strike now deals damage equivalent to your projectile min damage.
  • Removed the burn from shockwave.
  • New perk: Ignition: Lightning Damage has a 20% chance to cause burn
  • Overload: Converted 30% Lightning Damage to 15% Projectile Damage
  • High Voltage: 40% Lightning Damage to 20% Projectile Damage
  • Free Energy: Removed the Lightning Damage

  • The heroes have a different base movement speed now to give them more identity
  • Storm Strike got a clear visual indicator
  • Increased some spawn rates during the second wave
  • The debuff “of the drunk” now makes you more drunk
  • Additional frontal projectiles and Nova projectiles now deal 50% less damage
  • Polished the main menu a little bit
  • Swapped the mods of Zikk and Lightning projectiles
  • Zikk now has a base projectile spread of 0 (Additional projectiles will go in a line)
  • Reduced the base freeze duration from 0.75 seconds to 0.3 seconds, on bosses to 0.1s
  • Ice Cage: Removed the chance to freeze. Changed the wording to “Freeze duration is doubled”
  • Buffed the resolution of the mouse cursor
  • Potions now have a lower pickup range so you can save them
  • Monsters from Shadow Invasion no longer drop XP
  • Added more interesting attack patterns to some of the bosses
  • Modified some ranged attack patterns of normal enemies
  • Reduced the knockback radius on level up
  • Increased the range of enemy projectieles N2+
  • Increased the base movement speed of normal zombies but increased the slowdown distance
  • Changed the value from XP unlockables from 5 to 2 . Rearranged the required achievements: They are now unlocked by beating N1 with the different heroes
  • Increased the projectile range of hellspawns
  • The visual effect for enemies taking damage on enemies is now only triggered by direct hits
  • You can now press Escape to exit the perk upgrade preview
  • Reduced the values of the unlockable mutations
  • Crit Butterfly: Modifier the additional crit chance from 100% to 30%
  • Reduced the crit chance values of some perks
  • Polished the shadow clones of Nightmare 5

  • Bloodlust now gives 5% attack speed right after picking the perk
  • Added the correct value to Elusive Grace
  • Bugfix: Potions not lootable after a Challenge
  • Mimics should now be targetable by Zikk
  • Fixed a visual bug with the difficulty selection
  • No more heal sound effect when you are at full health
  • The hero is not looking at the mouse position when the game is paused anymore
  • Fixed a bug that caused players getting stuck in a Challenge (hopefully)
  • Fixed a bug that hindered the player from leveling up
  • Big XP drops are now affected by the vacuum