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Schism » Update 0.15

-You can now save and quit your games at the start of new floors!

-reworked retribution plate: Deals more damage, but only harms target that damaged you
-Dealer Psy has a 1 room CD now

-can now hold color swap key + interact key on difficulty skull to jump to max difficulty

-fixed crash with memories (thanks dave, pnok)
-fixed fps issue with minions and certain laser weapon combinations (thanks pnok)
-fixed issue when rebinding keys to right mouse button (thanks Sushi Dog)
-fixed freeze caused by zombie ally pathfinding (thanks pnok)
-fixed lag caused by large amount of bees spawned from invincible enemies (thanks Sun-Soaked)
-fixed crash with gang-up card and high INT (thanks dave)
-fixed crash with grave enemy (thanks dave)
-fixed description error with necromancy relic (thanks pnok)
-fixed being unable to reroll weapon mods with weapons that had 4 mods (thanks glucoseguardian)
-fixed bug with text being drawn under wall (thanks pnok)
-fixed gun tooltip being cut off at corners of screen (thanks pnok)
-fixed toxic god giving xp for poisoned invincible enemies (thanks pnok)
-fixed chest drops being pushed out of bounds (thanks pnok)
-fixed free relics generated in shop duplicating shop stock (thanks pnok)