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Runic Survivor » Update 0.15 – Bugfixes

Thanks for the feedback on the last update! On top of the fixes listed below, I implemented a small change in how the code handles the Torch trinket. Hopefully it helps with some of the issues people have been having, but since I still struggle to reproduce that bug on my own setup, I can’t guarantee that is has removed the issues.


• Fixed damage numbers not showing up on subsequent rounds.
• Gnomes & Gnomeking no longer also benefit from the Mirror Shard
• Fixed an issue causing the middle trinket to be difficult to select
• Shields can now no longer be reset by re-equipping them. Additionally, the shield will only count towards it’s regeneration while equipped.
• Fixed exploit allowing players to pick 2 runes on level up rather than 1.
• Druidic Staff now works properly.