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Schism » Update 0.14


  • new completion mark system for gods
  • new achievement: All I Need


  • increased bulb enemy’s damage
  • slightly reduced bank psy’s interest rate
  • champion god now adds extra enemies every 2 faith levels
  • pain god now uncaps shields
  • pain god gives a permanent +3 ATK every 20 times you take damage
  • made boss dark god harder at higher difficulties
  • reduced enemy mr. shifty’s circler attack damage (thanks dave)
  • relic “Eternalism Scripture” cost goes up with every revive
  • points cap of boss enhancer raised a bit (thanks dave)
  • scaled boss Crysthalin better at higher difficulties (thanks dave)
  • boss difficulty enhancer now gives bosses a little more health per level
  • mana crit mod has a CD now


  • fixed bug with memories that had tarot psy or mulligan psy actives (thanks dave)
  • fixed mimic card being consumed and doing nothing if a memory was used (thanks dave)
  • fixed bug with volume not saving when changed at title screen (thanks dave)
  • fixed bug with boss Face Stealer leaving rooms (thanks dave)
  • fixed freeze with fly ally after using exit portal (thanks dave)
  • fixed crash with jerkop enemy (thanks dave)
  • fixed chests spawned by Pilgrim god spawning outside play area (thanks glucoseguardian)
  • fixed freeze with pain auras from relics
  • fixed crash handler error with non-existant objects