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Runic Survivor » Update 0.14 – Varius bugfixes, new spell colour & accessibility!

Not in my wildest dreams had I imagined that this many people would be playing Runic after just two weeks.

The game has gotten to the point where most of the bugs people are experiencing are very situational and often impossible for me to reproduce.
I’ll do my best to address these issues, but fixes might not actually work, and being a single developer with another full time job, it might occasionally be quite a while between updates.

That said, I love all the constructive feedback you guys are giving and I cannot wait to get Runic to a point where I can start focusing more on new content rather than the endless fight against bugs!

• Player spells are now a purple-pinkish colour. Hopefully this makes it a bit easier to see what is going on.

• The issues people were experiencing with Aura’s and the Torch trinket should hopefully be fixed. This is one I struggled to reproduce, so let me know if you still experience issues.

• Fixed a bug causing Mirror Shard & Necromancer’s Hand to stop working.

• Fixed a bug causing some of the enemy projectiles to look like player projectiles.

• Some people weren’t given the option to select their initial focus rune. This has hopefully been fixed now, but I was not able to reproduce the bug, so I’d love to know if anyone who had the issue can now play.

• Steam Cloud Sync should now work properly. You might need to launch the game on the device you have progressed on to upload your current state.

• Added options to turn off the screen shake effects when casting a spell and taking damage.

• Added a brightness slider to allow poorly sighted people a chance to see enemies further away.