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Schism » Update 0.13


  • reduced INT scaling of relic Preschool Dropout
  • relic brain enhance is now more rare
  • hunter god favor now only gives held weapon a level every 2/3 faith levels
  • hunter god no longer gives passive xp for gun level
  • reduced number of free attacks given by blood frenzy
  • long ranger has increased AP cost
  • reduced stats of heart break weapon
  • vampire shot mod healing is now flat
  • damage reduc cap reduced to 20% (thanks dave)
  • impaler ring and blood bather healing is now flat and CD increased (thanks dave)
  • dark god has more hp (thanks dave)
  • dagger psy’s bleed does more damage and now scales with ATK (thanks dave)
  • doubled healing of regen weapon mod (thanks dave)
  • fish face trap’s bullet speed slowed down
  • hardest enemies hp scaling reduced
  • explosions scale better with attack
  • Synchron’s intermission attacks do more damage
  • Hemomancer Sigil relic is more rare
  • Blood Frenzy relic is more rare
  • on fire status effect deals more damage
  • external trauma status effect deals more damage
  • ddr status effect deals more damage
  • point bonus from boss difficulty enhancer now has a cap


  • added rebind option for reload (thanks swampBunches)
  • hubworld salesman now sells things faster the longer you hold down interact (thanks dave)
  • improved performance of napalm vial on large groups of enemies (thanks dave)
  • reduced fps effect of push-knife and multi-shot (thanks dave)
  • donation machine now saves gold between runs, and gives no penalty if you withdraw saved gold
  • changed colors of some tiles for better visibility
  • dog-bots no longer target invincible enemies (thanks dave)


  • laser bullets can now pass through grated walls
  • fixed collision bug with bullets not bouncing correctly on the y-axis
  • fixed bug with eye-bot and stay in radiance relic causing shots to go through walls (thanks dave)
  • fixed bug with weapon Dialectic not inheriting mash fire innate (thanks dave)
  • fixed crash from picking up relics (thanks dave)
  • fixed crash with crash log system (thanks dave)
  • fixed crash caused by chain lightning mod
  • fixed bug with mutated genome relic not giving stats
  • fixed crash with shooter enemy (thanks dave)
  • fixed recursive effect with “Preschool Dropout” relic and lightning shot (thanks pnok)
  • items gained in hub area don’t disappear if you leave the room (thanks dave)
  • fixed memory leak from rooms that would sometimes crash game (thanks dave)
  • fixed crash with skelly enemies (thanks dave)
  • fixed bug with skelly enemy head leaving play area
  • lose relic event no longer has dropped actives as a choice (thanks dave)