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Nordic Ashes » Update 0.13.5

Welcome to a new Thursday update!
Today we have some new content, suggestions and fixes. Let’s go!

Helheim Nightmare mode

Last week we added Ragnarok, so it was time to add Nightmare mode to Helheim so you can prove your strength in the most complicated mode of the game.

New Relics

We’ve adde 4 new relics.

  • Two of them you will probably already know about: Projectile Enhancer and Summon Enhancer which will boost your number of projectiles or summons.
  • We’ve also added another legendary one, the Immunity Knot, which will make you immune to EVERY status effect! (confusion, freezing…)
  • And new epic one: the Electric Prism, so your electric attacks not only paralyze but also deal damage.

  • Valknut Goblet will now be obtained after dying 10 times instead of 25.
  • The time required to lower the burn status in Muspelheim has been lowered.
  • In some cases, when changing a character skin, the character was swapped for another one (this was just a visual bug).
  • In some cases, the game kept running while having an open panel.
  • In the achievements panel, after having completed all the achievements and hiding them, you could access to other panels.
  • When closing and opening the achievements panel again, you will now be on the same place you left.
  • Same happened in the Glossary and in the Leaves panel. It should now be fixed.
  • Fixed a visual bug in the Yggdrasil leaves panel.
  • When there are many active relics on the constellation, navigation was not working correctly.

Thanks again for your feedback, comments and love ːNA_Gnokiː

As always, if you have any suggestions, issues or any kind of feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us:
🔸 Discord.
🔸 Steam Community.