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Sole Saga » Update 0.13.1b Kamabhumi

Hello Everyone

Now, our new stage “Kamabhumi”, the land of spirits and giants, is now available for everyone to play in the main game version.
We have added more details to the images and sounds from the beta version. We have also made some adjustments to the data and added a new boss rush mode and achievements to collect.

The difficulty of has been reserved for some new features that will be added in the future. However, we believe it will not be too difficult for everyone!

Also, we have reset the leaderboard for the boss rush mode entirely. This is because we have made some significant balance changes to the game, and we have also fixed some important bugs.

0.13.1b Chagelog (include 0.13.0a in beta release)

new Contents

  • Kamabhumi, The Land of gaint and spirits. 3 chaos level with 18 new enemies and 2 new bosses.
  • Kamabhumi, Boss rush.
  • 3 New achievements.
  • New upgrade unlocked by complete Kamabhumi, chaos level 2.

bug fixed

  • Boss Stunt lock when constantly recieved multiple damage.
  • The enemy was unable to attack as intended.

Balance Change

  • enemies with running / chasing skill will stop chasing after deal damage for a while
  • Buffed – The Cat’s Eyes – level 1 : 3 > 4 piercing
  • Buffed – Furnado – Ievel 1 : 400 > 500 speed
  • Buffed – RealEz’s Glove – Ievel 7 : 4 > 5 piercing

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