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Repetendium » Update 0.121 – The Shopkeeper has arrived!

The Shopkeeper has arrived + a bunch of other smaller yet needed changes. The next update will be mainly focused on getting new biomes/environments into the game.


  • The Shopkeeper will now spawn somewhere on the first depth and then every 3rd depth (3, 6, 9 etc). The Shop stocks keys, 1 special item and 1 unique character item only found in the shop (unique weapon and ability items will eventually be sold in the shop instead of the special item)
  • New Items – 3 new unique items per character have been added that are only avaliable in the shop
  • New Power Orbs – 5 new powers, electric overload, acceleration, hyperactive, iron skin and unlimited dashes
  • Your melee attack will now always deflect enemy projectiles and the Deflection item has been reworked
  • Larger chests now have a chance to spawn that contain 3 items and require 3 keys to open
  • Tweaked the pixel art scaling method which should result in better image quality at non native resolutions
  • The pause menu stat and item display has changed to use item art instead of text and now also shows your active item
  • Perks are now called items
  • Any items with a cooldown will display on the left ui when the cooldown is active
  • Unique items now come every 5 levels (reverted the previous change)
  • Piercing no longer shows up if using the Betty grenade launcher
  • Piercing’s tooltip now better indicates how it effects the Roscoe laser

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from being able to die when taking a certain evo upgrade and perk combination
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the menu buttons to remain behind the game level for a few seconds after closing the menu
  • Fixed a small issue that could cause text to overlap on the gamemode screen
  • Fixed a bug that caused leaderboard text to be incorrectly placed
  • Fixed a bug with the Portuguese translation that used incorrect text for boss names