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Repetendium » Update 0.120 – Major enemy spawning and balance change

Another small patch to test out some alternate enemy spawning to help newer players. Leaderboards will be reset to help judge balance.


  • Enemy spawning has changed to have more enemies pre-placed in the level and less random spawning (especially at low depths) to even out the difficulty
  • Enemy and boss ranged attack damage has been lowered about 50% at the start of the game and each depth it slowely increases back to 100% of damage
  • Ranged enemies spawn less often in general.
  • Excavurm speed and turn speed lowered around 25%
  • You can now choose a special perk every 3 levels instead of every 5 (this may get reverted)
  • Level modifiers are less negative in the early game (ie. they rise again, will only respawn one copy rather than two)
  • Expert miner perk changed from 10% chance to 5%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the triple damage powerup orb to be permanent