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Schism » Update 0.12

New tool for bugfixing: Press CTRL+D anytime to copy text of current run’s info onto the clipboard.
Paste this onto a notepad file or directly into the discord bugfixing channel to help me solve it!
Works after a crash or freeze, make sure to do this BEFORE starting a run.


  • new trap: Fish Face
  • new enemy: Chowder Head
  • new enemy: Calcified
  • new enemy: Lost Boy
  • new card: Appraisal (thanks sun-soaked)


  • doubled poison amount on Serpent Dagger weapon (thanks sun-soaked & dave)
  • heart break damage increased to 7 (thanks dave)


  • can now hold interact key to get stuff from hub merchant
  • iron curtain bullet speed increased (thanks dave)
  • tech n7 bullet speed increased (thanks dave)
  • drops from npc events don’t spawn on top of the npc (thanks dave)
  • tweaked attacks and stats of Demon Blade boss (thanks dave & sun-soaked)
  • timer starts counting only when you start a new run (thanks sun-soaked)


  • fixed dissociation shield being locked (thanks dave)
  • fixed reroll psy putting relics in a “pick-one” state (thanks sun-soaked)
  • fixed crash with spamming fetal stance (thanks sun-soaked)
  • fixed crash with shotty enemy (thanks dave)
  • fixed crash with multiple helping hand cards (thanks sun-soaked)
  • fixed softlock with lich enemy when you have permastun (thanks sun-soaked)
  • fixed crash with “gang up” card when your stats are very high (thanks sun-soaked)
  • fixed crash with fly ally (thanks dave)
  • fixed issue with sound inconsistencies after changing them in options
  • fixed relics getting pushed out of players reach (thanks sun-soaked)