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Sole Saga » Update 0.12.7b – “The Second Cycle” on main version

Hello Sole Survivors

In this new patch, we have updated the “Second Circle” for the main version and added new features to make the game even more complete.

Enemy HP bar

In the second circle, Most of the enemies have more health bonus, This can lead to frustration due to lack of the crutial information. To improve the gaming experience, we have added health bars to regular enemies. You can disable health bars in the settings menu if you prefer.

Soul Collector

Enemies have a chance to drop “Soul Collector”, which will collect all dropped souls for you when pick it up.

The Second Cycle

Once you have completed a stage, you can choose to play the “Second Circle”. This option is unlocked by completing the “Chaos 3” level of the map.

The “Second Circle” will reset the stage timer and increase the challenge level in the following ways:

  • Enemies have more health and damage.
  • Enemies spawn more frequently.
  • Battle two bosses at the same time
  • Higher-level enemies will appear more often, also have a chance to drop gold, experience, or helpful items.

The “Second Circle” is a great way to test your skills and earn some more gold.

The balance is still under adjustment and some helper item and upgrade will be added later, Please consider it as the feature that challenge your skills and keep you busy while we develop the new content. If you have any suggestions, join the official discord channel below.

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