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Schism » Update 0.11

Fight the clownimatronic, enjoy keeping your save across multiple devices, and experience less crashes!

Big thanks again to everyone in the discord for constantly giving feedback and reporting bugs!!


  • steam cloud support! 😀
  • new weapon mod: Heavy Shot
  • new boss: Clownimatronic


  • chaser-x weapon has increased ATKSPD and ATK
  • reduced missile command rocket’s fly time (thanks dave)
  • missile command now shows where its going to land (thanks dave)
  • slightly reduced minigun’s stats
  • bee gun costs less AP and has faster ATKSPD
  • bee gun targets enemies near mouse
  • reduced heart break self damage on miss
  • reduced shotgun ATKSPD


  • added sliders to options menu
  • killing yourself with equivalent exchange and blood money machines has a unique killer name (thanks un-Soaked)
  • swap machines now have a chance to harmlessly explode the more you use them
  • item printer INT chance now has a cap

FIXES (feat. dave)

  • fixed crash with allies (thanks dave)
  • fixed bug with gunner ally and thunder clap gun (thanks dave)
  • fixed crash with “Rid of this World” card (thanks dave)
  • fixed large knockback sending you out of bounds (thanks dave)
  • fixed crit damage double dipping on multi-hit weapons (thanks dave)
  • fixed crash with knight enemy’s shield (thanks dave)
  • fixed bug with multiple Designer Genome relics not giving a level reset (thanks dave)
  • fixed out of bounds glitch with fast knockback weapons (thanks dave)
  • fixed crash when you have too many hired guns (thanks dave)
  • fixed visual bug with dark wand relic (thanks dave)
  • fixed crash with small crystos (thanks dave)
  • fixed crash with god card and duplicate psy (thanks dave)
  • fixed crash with heavy shot mod when dropping gun (thanks incANNtation)