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Schism » Update 0.1.18

If you’re familiar with the game and editing wikis (and have time), give a helping hand to the Schism wiki!
(thank you Graeme for creating it, and HalvedDead for the first edits)

-added a dedicated Records room with some more records!
-reworked hub area merchants with new merchants in the right room

-reworked boss scaling at higher difficulties
-can no longer fire mid reload, must use mana to insta-reload
-enemy mods no longer give extra HP, they give extra damage instead
-enemy mods have a cap below a certain floor
-speed enemy mod now has a cap

-end portal has a new sprite!
-split enemy mod on rocker enemy doesn’t apply to split rocker’s creations
-optimized damage popups
-earth mod damage reduction has a cap (thanks Scrumpf_Dabogy)
-machine in hub area has tooltip to let you know it tracks progression
-next floor exit now has a new sprite!

-fixed boss skull difficulty not being saved when saving & quitting (thanks pnok)
-fixed black dot underneath cursor (thanks pnok)
-fixed bosses inheriting mods (thanks dave)
-fixed crash with mage enemy with splitter mod being killed by Wrath of Prime (thanks dave)
-fixed bandit event sometimes failing at 100% success rate (thanks dave)
-fixed Panacea removing positive status effects (thanks HalvedDead)
-fixed weapon recoil not working (thanks dave)

Some sick looking creatures you’ll find in the game
(thank you Aleksh for the awesome fanart! check out his other stuff at