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Doughbee » Upcoming Tutorial and Quaility of life Updates

One Entity is currently working on some improvements to help new players get started in Doughbee.

We have received reports that some players have had trouble understanding the starting tutorial that teaches how to navigate the Main Menu.

We will be making it easier for players to finish the starting tutorial and get players into their first game.

Additionally, we are working on an in-game tool tip system.

We have also received some reports that some players are unaware Doughbee’s orb shot is meant to be
charged up by holding down the shoot button and releasing when fully charged for maximum damage.
Spamming shots is a useful tactic once Doughbee’s charge speed has been upgraded to a sufficient level, but can be a weak tactic to use early on.

The tool tips will be able to be easily turned on and off in the main menu. Tips will give players helpful information about how to use all of the tools at Doughbee’s disposal.

We expect the updates to be live sometime this week by September 22nd or sooner.

We are excited to see new players enjoying Doughbee. We thank you and are diligently working on new updates to ease the learning curve for new players. We are excited for the community to grow and for us to adapt to the needs of our players.