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Tiny Rogues » Upcoming Pricing Changes, Update Details and Information for Content Creators

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Pricing Changes

As stated in the early access information, with each big update the game will become more expensive, and as the content and scope of the game is more than doubling on December 22nd with the release of the Tiny Rogues: Between Heaven and Hell expansion it’s finally time for the first price increase.

Around the end of this week the price of Tiny Rogues will increase from 5.99 USD to 9.99 USD. (Pricing changes in may vary depending on your region and currency.)

Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of Steam’s internal 30 day cooldown for discounts after increasing the price, which means that there will be no holiday, winter or launch sale for this update.

Update Information

At the end of this week on Friday December 1st 2023 at 20:00 CET the final trailer for the expansion will release. The trailer showcases the full scope of the update, but no worries it won’t spoil anything too important.
The actual update then comes (as promised in the last post) timely on December 22nd 2023.

Of course the expansion update is a free update, so if you already own Tiny Rogues you are done, set and ready for the update. Thank you for your support!

The trailer will be uploaded to the Tiny Rogues YouTube channel, there will be a Steam announcement post and if you follow me on X (the platform previously known as twitter ) you are sure to not miss it.

About the Beta

Additionally 1 hour after the trailer launched the public beta will go live.
Everybody that owns Tiny Rogues can participate for free by selecting the correct game version in the games properties.
The beta is highly untested as I am working to the last minute to squeeze in as many features, content and QoL as possible. Only join initially if you are ready for a disaster, otherwise I suggest waiting another week.
The best way to contribute feedback such as bug reports, error messages, crash reports or balance suggestions is on the [url]Community Discord[/url].

Information For Content Creators

I wholeheartedly invite all content creators to share with, stream for or react to the trailer together with their community. I’ve worked super hard on the expansion and at this point it is basically a full rework of the game with, adding tons of new content, quality of life and also improving fundamentals of the game.

I ask content creators to NOT extensively showcase the beta as content is still missing, not polished or prone to errors. The beta is EXTREMELY untested and the entire point of releasing it 3 weeks early is to ensure an as stable and fun release as possible.
Don’t worry though, I will contact you at least 5 days before the release on the 22nd with access to a pre-release branch that allows you to play, record and prepare for the update launch yourself. If you are worried that you are not in my list of content creators, feel free to contact me on twitter, discord or at

Thanks for reading. I am looking forward to seeing everybody’s reaction to the trailer on Friday. I hope you are as hyped for the update as me!

best wishes,



  • Price is increasing from 6.99 to 9.99 USD. (varies between currencies)
  • Trailer and Beta are coming on Friday.
  • Beta will be untested, only jump in if you want to help.
  • Content creators please share the hype/the trailer but I ask you to not showcase the beta.