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Snake Farm » Upcoming Free Expansion: ECONOMIES OF SCALE

Hey, snake farmers!

I hope y’all are enjoying all the new content in THE CURSE OF RAMONA! A new expansion is on its way, though…

SNAKE FARM: ECONOMIES OF SCALE will add TWO new packs to the game, bringing the total up to four!


Much like the Curse Pack, the Worm Pack will bring ten new snakes and ten new weapons to the Snake Farm! The theme of this pack is on delivering a challenging new experience, where the twelve-hour clock becomes a harsh time limit. You’ll need creativity and skill to survive in the wasteland!

Also like the Curse Pack, the Worm Pack comes with a signature primary weapon: the Scythe!

The Scythe is our first instance of a “utility weapon” — what it lacks in damage, it makes up for in bonuses to mobility and survival. Every attack lets you dash through snakes, granting you a brief moment of invincibility in the process. At higher levels, the Scythe even gains a temporary “frenzy” ability upon collecting oil, letting you dash around at light speed! It’s extremely cool.


The Chaos Pack, on the other hand, is nothing like the other packs so far. The three base packs are focused on delivering tight, focused experiences that challenge you to balance strategy and greed to get a high score. The Chaos Pack, on the other hand, contains everything from every pack. You wanna see what happens when you combine Snake Eyes with a Lootsnake build? Go for it. You wanna combine Stealth Socks and Scale Mail to become completely invincible? Go for it. The farm is your oyster — go wild.

SNAKE FARM: ECONOMIES OF SCALE will be coming out in early January 2024! It’ll probably be the last major expansion to the game, as I’ve pretty thoroughly explored the possibility space at this point. Still, there’s a long ways to go between now and then, and plenty of surprises along the way 😉

Thanksssssssssss for playing 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍