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Beautiful Mystic Survivors » Upcoming Content For Beautiful Mystic Survivors

Hello friends and gamers,

It seems our recent lack of communication is causing a concern that we’re no longer working on the game. We are very sorry for that. In this announcement, we would like to announce the content that we are working on and their current progress.

  • New character: waiting for voice acting.
  • (Secret) New companion system: implementing the companions.
  • New level: implementing monsters.
  • (Secret) Endless challenge: designing.

The reason we want to keep secret certain features we are working on is that we want to give you guys a pleasant surprise!

We would like to explain why the update is taking so long. Adding new content to our game requires a lot of effort due to the high-quality bar and polish level of our game. For example, adding a new character to our game requires:

  • Character appearance and gameplay design.
  • 2D portrait drawing and animations.
  • 3D modeling and animations.
  • Gameplay implementation: weapon, 2 evolutions, active and passive skills.
  • Voice acting.

The above process can take up to months of effort.

We really appreciate your patience and sympathy while we’re working on the updates. We promise you that when the updates come, they will be great!

Best wishes,
Raiden – AMG Studio