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The first part of meta progression is live! You can see a list of global unlockables with descriptions and the corresponding achievements. The unlockables include:

  • Bufferflies (They will spawn around the map and grant powerful buffs)
  • A brandnew challenge that can be activated during the run (Succeed to get a reward)
  • Mutations (global rewards for finishing the hardest content)
  • Global XP nodes
  • Heroes

The list of Unlockables will grow with every other update.

New damage type: Lightning

  • Lightning damage always autoaims
  • Lightning heroes will have a super low min damage but super high max damage value
  • Added 6 lightning perks: Codex Of Thunder, Discharge, Free Energy, High Voltage, Overload, Storm Strike

New Hero: Zikk the Stormcaller (Trait: Critting projectiles always chain. Has autoaim)

Nightmare changes
I tweaked Nightmare so it incrementally increases the difficulty in addition to the core Nightmare modifiers.

  • Every higher difficulty now increases enemy HP by 10% and enemy spawn rates by 5%
  • Removed the Enemy HP boost from Nightmare 5
  • Nightmare 5 got a new mod: Bosses will duplicate every 30 seconds if you don’t kill them
  • Enemies from Shadow Invasion (Nightmare 3) can now walk through other enemies.

More features

  • 17 new achievements to discover
  • When you level up, all enemies on the screen get knockbacked and enemy projectiles disappear
  • Heroes get the book of their corresponding damage type added to the priority list when they reach level 10
  • You can now read some lore about the heroes under Unlockables
  • Arrows will point towards challenges and bufferflies
  • Added sound effects to heals and buffs


  • Major bugfix: Enemies not being targeted by chained projectiles and aura effects
  • Bugfix: Pressing A on the gamepad when the upgrade preview was open confirmed the perk
  • Bugfix: Wrong volume after picking a perk
  • Replaced the xp pickup sound to fix the audio crackle


  • Heroes now have a min and max damage value instead of one static value
  • Misty: Completely reworked the broom mechanic. She now hops on her broom when she is on low life, gaining +40% movement speed, +25% xp. No movement speed penalty while attacking from the broom. No timer.
  • Increased the hitzone of Icicles arrows a little bit
  • The difficulty selection is now embedded into the hero selection
  • Perk “Veteran”: Now grants a full levelup for every killed boss instead of baby xp
  • Perk “Life Leech”: Reduced the chance to heal from 2% to 0.5%
  • Changed the maximum knockback distance so enemies can’t get pushed away too far
  • Increased the HP of Skelly Mages
  • The perk panel now always shows the upgrade buttons below the perks when a perk is upgradeable (Before it only showed when a perk got selected)
  • Specified “Less movement speed penalty while attacking” mods with concrete values
  • Kaito: Reduced the crit chance from 70% to 50%