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Time Wasters » Ultrawide Support

Ultrawide & Super Ultrawide Support
  • Naturally supports Ultrawide (21:9) & Super Ultrawide monitors (32:9), no settings changes required
  • The UI is horizontally centered to 16:9 for comfortable viewing instead stretching to the edges
  • Updated all Backgrounds to support the additional aspect ratios
  • Ravebow’s Pink & Blue Lasers fill the entire width of the screen
  • Doc’s Static Mines stay active for the entire width of the screen
  • Added visual teleportation effect to all enemies & Elites when they appear, because they will spawn on screen at the left and right sides to maintain performance and game balance


  • Blue Katana Speed replaces the Blue Katana Duration Upgrade
  • Blue Katana Speed affects both the Attack Duration & Cooldown, removing the negative DPS
  • Blue Katana Max Speed increased from 2x to 5x

Gold Outpost

  • Visual change to Gold dropped while in the Gold Outpost vs regular Gold pickups
    • Smaller Orange Pieces = Regular Gold
    • Larger Brighter Yellow Pieces = Gold Dropped While in Gold Outpost

Elite Final Boss

  • Fix – Slow movement when punched by Boxing Gloves

Build #1115 Changes:

  • Potential Fix for getting stuck on Loading Profile screen