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Roboom » Ultimate High-Score Contest of Roboom

Join the Roboom High Score Contest!

Are you ready to mark down your name in the Roboom’s history? Dive into our high score competition, climb the leaderboard and show the world your talent!

Rewards for the Best of Robocons

  • Top 9 Warriors: Earn an exclusive in-game badge that will forever show your skill to the world. Plus, secure your access to the eagerly awaited “Holistic Union” book upon its release—a must-have for lore aficionados of Roboom.
  • Top 3 Champions: Receive not one, not two, but three copies of Roboom! Gift them to friends or keep them for any planned future updates.
  • The Supreme Victor: The top scorer will receive the highest honor. An upcoming in-game character will be created and named after you!

How to Participate:

The rules are simple. Achieve the highest score you can acquire between the event start and the end date (20.11.2023, 9:00 PM). You can keep track of your rank from the global leaderboard in the game!

Claiming Your Glory:

Winners will be announced on 21. November on Roboom’s Discord Server. Prizes will be distributed following confirmation with the winners to ensure satisfaction, especially for our champion’s personalized character.

Note: All participants are subject to the game’s fair play policy. Any form of cheating will be detected and result in disqualification.

So, do you have what it takes to become a legend in Roboom’s universe? The battlefield awaits!