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HYPER DEMON » Tweaks and bug fixes.

Tweaks for new players

-Score will always reset above 0 when score is added.
-ENEMY 1 spawns 10 small skulls instead of 15
-Powerups won’t spawn as early for new players


-Shooting daggers down no longer slows fall from a regular jump.

-Added a short window after touching the ground where ENEMY 2 landing on top of the player will still kill the enemy instead of the player.
-ENEMY 2 will no longer avoid daggers when on the ground.

-Added a short delay where newly spawned gems won’t be collected as dagger ammo to allow time to press RMB to grab as laser ammo.
-Tweaked ENEMY 4 hitbox when dropped to prevent accidentally grabbing objects on the other side of the enemy.
-Tweaked spawn position of gems when ENEMY 4 is dropped.

-Pressing restart or escape will skip to the end of the leaderboard climb animation.

Bug fixes

-FOV no longer clamps to 120 when launching the game.
-Fixed replays showing double laser ammo around wrist.
-Fixed powerup timing when playing offline.
-Fixed dagger unlock animations not playing