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Interstellar Rogue » Tutorial and fixes update

Hi Interstellar rogues!
so this update fixes and changes a few things and adds a practical step by step
tutorial for new players. Here’s a list:

** Tutorial added to learn the ropes! 🙂
* You can now click the mouse to skip waiting for coins when buying crates or items in the shop.
* You may now skip box opening sequence with left mouse click
* Small scrap drops increased 50-100% for enemy kills.
* Gold on planets worth more *Gold bars now worth 1000 credits! *Platinum worth 100 creds.
* Beam turret arc should be fixed at 360
* Reduced coin limit for those experiencing bugs on end screen.
* Screen flash on/off added to options
* Asteroid storms will generally now be more local though system wide is still possible.
* Ships you complete the game with and pilots show a star on their selection icon.
* P key can now turn off HUD on ground levels.
* Small fix for auto repair happening at full HP

Hope you all enjoy the update! for those who couldn’t figure the game out please give the new tutorial a try!

Blessings All!
KingsGuard 🙂