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Turf Wars: A Snail Escape » Turf Wars Roadmap

Hey Snail Squad,

I hope you’ve been enjoying the slimy adventures in Turf Wars: A Snail Escape for the past week! A massive thank you to everyone who’s been part of this cool journey so far. 🐌

But get ready, cause the garden escape is about to get even more exciting – introducing the Turf Wars Roadmap!

New Boss – Mecha-QueenGet ready to face the electrifying Mecha-Queen! She’s armed with lasers, a deadly short-range attack, and electric minions. Can you outsmart her and conquer the lawn? Mecha-Queen arrives this Sunday – don’t miss the showdown! ⚡

5 New UpgradesThe journey isn’t complete without some more upgrades! I’ve got a list of many thrilling upgrades to add, and the top 5 upgrades will be added in the next DLC. What enhancements do you want to see? Let me know! 🛠️

New Boss – Untitled Pond BossThe murky waters won’t be the same – a new, big boss is stepping onto the waterlilies! Get ready for an epic battle across the pond🌊

2 New WeaponsExpand your arsenal with two new weapons! You got any crazy ideas of what we should add? I’m thinking of a frog deployer. Let’s see what we decide to add 🐸

New Boss – Untitled Wall BossTired of birds always chasing you around? Brace yourselves for a new big baddie at the top of the wall! Who it will be, and what havoc they will wreak we will announce in 2024? 🧱

New Game ModeThis one’s a biggie! Depending on your interest, a new game mode is on the horizon. What do you think is missing? Local Co-op, Local Battle mode, Boss rush, or an Endless survival mode? Your input matters! 🎮

I’ll keep you in the loop as more updates roll in. Snail on!

/Andreas Werdin