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Too Many Cooks » Too Many Cooks Demo Gameplay!

Fired and blackballed by Chef Hamsey, you are a chef looking to find your next position. Unfortunately, the employees of any restaurant you walk into want you dead! Utilise a food-themed upgrade tree that allows for focused or balanced builds. It’s up to you to prove you’re worthy of the job!

Fight Off Hordes Of Enemies!
Fight three unique chef enemies, each with their own attack! Can you dodge chefs, plates, and exploding watermelons?

Tackle the head chef in an epic boss fight!
Angry that you’re killing all his chefs, Chef Hamsey is ready to fight! Tackle an epic boss while dodging his spinning ring of fruits and vegetables. Don’t get your five a day? He’ll make sure you do!

Fully customiseable difficulty settings! How do you want to play?
Do you want fast enemies with low health? How about super difficult bosses? Or enough damage to kill you in one hit? Too Many Cooks has a customiseable difficulty setting, so you can make it as tough as you want!

Key Features

*Multiple restaurant locations to choose from, each with their own unique character and weapons

*Once a level is unlocked, those new characters and weapons can be used in different levels

*Food themed upgrade system that allows for focused or balanced builds

*Permanent upgrade system to encourage multiple play sessions

*Fully customiseable difficulty system. You choose how you play!