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AutoHeroes » Today’s Update: Balance Adjustments and Bug Fixes

Balance Adjustments:

  • Vampire and Paladin attack power increased.
  • Damage of summoned skeletons increased.
  • Damage of Dark Knights decreased.
  • Dragon damage increased.


  • Sound and music settings should now persist between game sessions.
  • Fixed a bug where the tooltip window remained on the screen during multiplayer game launch.
  • Other minor fixes.

A suggestion for players: If you have been playing the full version and over many consecutive games (to ensure it’s not a coincidence) you find that a certain skill is too useless or too powerful – please let us know on the game forum or in Discord – we are currently tracking balance issues. Reworking anything is much more difficult, but we will gladly consider your suggestions related to changing numbers while the game is in early access.