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Tiny Rogues » Tiny Rogues: Between Heaven and Hell

Available now.

Tiny Rogues: Between Heaven and Hell is the first major early access expansion. The update finally opens the gates after Death allowing you to face new challenges in realms beyond the mortal world.

New Challenges

Venture into the Shadow Planes, ascend the High Heavens, and delve deep into the Burning Hells, where you’ll confront five brand new final bosses and a more formidable incarnation of Mega Death, now known as Primal Death.

More Variety

The update adds 9 alternate floors with 2 boss variations each amping up the variety each run.

New Character Classes

You can unlock 17 new alternate classes by conquering the new floors with the current classes. Some of the new classes offer really unique abilities, going beyond anything available in the game before this update. Additionally, many of the existing classes have been significantly reworked.

New Items

Get ready for over 500 new equipment items, including the newly introduced set items.

Many items now have effects that synergize with your traits, your class, and your weapons, helping you create the perfect build.

To enhance your chances of getting equipment items that are meaningful for your build, bosses now present a selection of items, allowing you to choose one.

New Weapons

There are 150 new weapons, including several new powerful and unique legendary ones.

In total, the game now boasts 400 total weapons for you to discover and use.

New Traits

There are now over 100 traits. Many old traits have been updated, and there are a lot of new ones that focus on creating fun and powerful combinations. Some of the old community favorites, of course, still exist.


Companions are a new feature. Whether it’s the Necromancer commanding undead minions or the Druid summoning spirit animal companions to aid them in battle, companions are versatile buddies that not only deal damage but also grant stat bonuses to support you.

New Meta Progression

Instead of souls, you now earn Mastery EXP, and with each Mastery Level, you can allocate one new perk on the meta perk tree. The perks range from game-changing effects to adjusting your personal preferences or gaining small but powerful stats. But don’t worry, your accumulated Souls have been converted to Mastery EXP, so you’ve been fairly compensated and haven’t lost any progress.

And Much, Much, More!

There’s even more to discover like mini-games, new event rooms, updates to the tavern, a black market, new weapon enchantments, new rewards and much, much, more.

Announcing 3 More Expansions

With the completion of Between Heaven and Hell, I’ve already planned the names for the next three early access expansions. Following this expansion, you’ll delve into the sealed abyss and fight even more dangerous endgame bosses. The Beyond the Matrix update will mark Tiny Rogues’ transition to version 1.0 and its exit from early access.

However, I don’t have any release dates yet. In the period immediately after this update, my focus will be rolling out smaller updates. This includes adding uber versions of the new bosses, a potential boss rush mode, Cinder 20, and a Secret Secrets update, which, as the name suggests, will be packed with secrets.


A personal message to the community:
I’ve dedicated almost the entire year to this update. Pretty much every day the first thought after waking up was: Tiny Rogues. I have never worked as hard on anything as I have on this update. Over the past two months, I’ve invested 70 to 80 hours each week into the project and while my TODO lists are still plentiful, I must say that I am absolutely in love with the current state of the game I’ve created. I cannot thank the Tiny Rogues community enough for helping me balance and polish the game during the beta that has been running all throughout December. These three weeks really dialed in a new era for the game. While the beta launched in a rough state on December 1st, by now I truly enjoy every second playing the game. A lot has changed since version 1.9 and I hope you will find as much joy in trying out all the new features, discovering exciting new synergies, and facing all the new enemies and bosses as I do. I wish you happy holidays and thank you so much for your ongoing support. Thank you for playing and enjoying Tiny Rogues. (And I really mean it. I’m a solo dev. This ain’t some post written by a PR department. Actually… now that I think about it, I am the PR department. Oh noes! )