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Rift Rangers » This is it! Rift Rangers Official Launch Day!

Greeting Rangers!

First, a Mega Mecha-sized THANK YOU to everyone who has played Rift Rangers and given us your thoughts! Your feedback has been amazing and we’ve worked to incorporate as much as possible to make Rift Rangers yours.

The Rangers are taking it to the streets! The Master Brain’s minions made it to Earth and are making a mess out of Electric Avenue! Between the guardrails and giant holes evasive maneuvers get progressively more difficult as the enemies fill up the road. Watch out for cars! These drivers are focused on getting where they’re going and a trivial inter-dimensional invasion isn’t going to distract them! They’ll plow through anyone in their way; monster or Ranger.

A new warrior has joined the fight! What would any Sentai squad be without the classic enigmatic Green Ranger? A bit of a lone wolf, and firm a believer in “The best defense is a bigger defense!”, Green has the power to immediately deploy a defensive perimeter of RiftTech weaponry.

The rabid razor clawed monstrosities pouring through the dimensional rift are also getting new allies: Generals Mech Witch and Titanic Brute have joined The Master Brain’s forces and are intent on destroying the Rift Rangers once and for all!

Not to worry, the Rift Rangers have a brand-new ace up their sleeve – they can sometimes call on their Mega Mecha to bestow them with the powers of their RiftTech, making them a roving weapon of ultra devastation! Until it wears off, of course.

Complete objectives to unlock cool things in the new Feat menu; new RiftTech, Rangers, levels, modes and more!

Did someone say RiftTech? We’ve added three new and powerful RiftTech weapons: Tick Tick Bomb, the Mighty Maul, and the Celestial Cyber Guardian.

Of course, with all of these additions there are also even more achievements to unlock!

Assist mode: toggle on or off in the settings this mod. When toggled on it automatically regenerates your Ranger’s health.

Increased language support – now battle The Master Brain in French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

And last but definitely not least: our killer new theme song! Rock out, battle on, and Refuse to Die!!!!!