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Seraph's Last Stand » This is almost my final form!

The game is getting really close to being complete. Well, this is actually subjective, as “complete” means when I’m happy with it, and we’re getting there! This version includes a new item, and Ascencions for ALL items that did not have any (14 new ascencions in total). I’ve left a message inside the game, where I think more people will be able to read, commenting a little more deeply on this issue, about finishing the game, and about needing help to translate it, so if you’re curious, boot the game once again and read the wall text at the beginning 🙂

Now, here are all the patch notes for this version:

– The “Dealer” ascencion now needs 4 stacks of appraisal to be triggered.
– Resonance now gives +12% atk speed for each stack (from 15%).
– Invulnerability time from getting hit nerfed from 0.5 seconds to 0.3 seconds.
– Cloak now raises invulnerability time by only 20% instead of 50%. This was done because abusing this item was too easy.
– Revive removed from the game. Too cheesable.

New Stuff:
– New Item: Cold – Everytime an enemy receives damage, it gets 1% slower.
– New Ascencion: Comet – Unlocked by getting 5 stacks of Impulse.
– New Ascencion: Streamer – Unlocked by getting 8 stacks of Resonance.
– New Ascencion: Pac-man – Unlocked by getting 6 stacks of Stability.
– New Ascencion: Absorbent – Unlocked by getting 4 stacks of Cloak.
– New Ascencion: Plague Spreader – Unlocked by getting 5 stacks of Regrowth.
– New Ascencion: Speculator – Unlocked by getting 5 stacks of Precision.
– New Ascencion: Bunker – Unlocked by getting 3 stacks of Focus.
– New Ascencion: Desperate – Unlocked by picking Renew 5 times.
– New Ascencion: Enchanter – Unlocked by getting 4 stacks of Will-O-Wisp.
– New Ascencion: Avenger – Unlocked by getting 5 stacks of Rage.
– New Ascencion: Nerd – Unlocked by getting 4 stacks of Tome.
– New Ascencion: Tryhard – Unlocked by getting 20 stacks of Catalyst.
– New Ascencion: Bulldozer – Unlocked by getting 8 stacks of Swift.
– New Ascencion: Freezer – Unlocked by getting 3 stacks of Cold.

– Added two cheat codes. To activate them, write them on the main menu (without the quotation marks).
‘EraserHead’ – Deletes your save game, so you can start a new clean save.
‘ButtFace’ – Unlocks all staffs, hats and upgrades. Good for those who enjoy not having fun.
– Added an Idle and Jumping animation.

Shout out to the user RaccooN that made this awesome artwork I used as cover. I didn’t ask for permission, but I hope is all cool 😀

Also, I’ve been writing the word “ascension” as “ascencion” for a while, so, for me not to have to rewrite everything, from now on an ASCENCION is a thing in this game’s universe. It was all thought out from the beginning 😉

Lastly, any bugs or suggestions, contact me at the email:


– André