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Heroes of Loot: Gauntlet of Power » The warrior and the wizard come loaded with weapons!

A fresh new update to the Heroes of Loot: Gauntlet of Power alpha demo is here, and it brings a lot of fun goodies in the shape of new playable characters and a bunch of improvements to the weapon system.

My main focus for this update was on making the weapons more interesting and unique, and also make sure that various characters have a different feel to them. This, for now, mostly comes from those weapons.

Every character has a “base weapon” and that weapon will be more usable by them than the other characters. So the Elf shoots a couple of extra arrow’s, and they will fly longer compared to the other characters shooting arrows.

The warrior wields the Axe, and it will be stronger and fly longer when wielded by the warrior. Of course the wizard comes with the most powerful magic – and right now that still keeps him somewhat weaker than the others, but I plan on compensating that magic with other items you’ll get to use in the game.

Valkyrie will come with the knives/swords weapons, but I haven’t gotten to create that character yet for this update, so stay tuned for that one!

Bombs go BOOM

The bombs in the previous versions weren’t really useful, as they would be dropped randomly and do little damage when exploding. I’m trying out a new method for that in this version: bombs will be dropped when you dodge/slide only. So you can somewhat trigger them when you think it’s best needed. They will be thrown a little bit behind you, bounce a bit, and then do more damage than before.

I also worked on some of the weapon visuals, and they will now have different visuals when you level them up. The axe becomes bigger, the arrows become stronger, the magic becomes more magical(!?) and I will add more improvements in future updates!

And the usage of some of the weapons changed, arrows will now “target the nearest” enemy, magic will create an extra “push” against all nearby enemies when it hits one of them, and the Axe does some nice twirling, taking down a lot more.

Now go check out the new demo, and come chat about it on the Orangepixel Discord!