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Waves 2: Notorious » The Uranium Season Begins!

Welcome to the Uranium Season Update! It’s a big Update so that means a new Season, new Leaderboards and new toys!

First I would like to say a big Thank You to Cntrpl and Pilzkopf from Discord who did excellent work testing this update before it went live! If you want to help or just chat then the Discord is the best place to join in!

As with every Season Update the Leaderboards for the previous Season are archived and will no longer accept new scores.

So without further ado…


There are now 36 Steam Achievements in the game; one for each program.

I’ve tried to make sure the achievements are challenging and encourage different ways to play the game that rewards in-depth knowledge of how everything works.

There will be more Achievements coming in future Updates so keep checking back!


There have been some balance changes to Programs, too many to go into detail but here are the highlights…

Utility Programs:

  • Repel – Now gets placed in your aim direction and as well as knocking back enemies leaves behind an area that enemies cannot enter for a short time.

  • Stun – Now briefly pauses enemy spawning when triggered and “Confuses” stunned enemies instead of stopping them.
  • Glitch – No longer for Emergencies only this program lets you dash between points without passing through the intervening space. Yes you can in fact Glitch through walls and across gaps.
  • Attract – Replacing “Rage” Attract places a Trap in your aim direction that sucks in nearby enemies.
  • Barrier – Barrier now lasts longer and heals you if it ends without breaking.

Weapon Programs:

  • Frag – The Mine Launcher has been changed into “Frag”, a rapid fire shotgun whose projectiles bounce off walls with great single target damage at close range.
  • Sharpshooter – This Beam laser was cutting through Bosses from across the map so now it’s damage is reduced by distance. Don’t worry though it’s still the best single taret damage in the game at any range.

Burst Programs:

  • Prox – Wyldfire has been replaced by “Prox”, a Burst attack that drops multiple “Smart” Proximity Mines that will home in on nearby targets. Excellent for Area Denial.

Buffer Programs:

  • Focus – This Buffer now grants you a stack of “Focus” each time you use a Utility program. Focus can stack up to six times and each stack reduces the cost of using your Utility program.
  • Equilibrium – Equilibrium now massively increases your Energy regeneration when you aren’t firing your main weapon but has much lower passive Regeneration.

Cache Programs:

  • Overclock – Similar to Focus this Program grants a stack of “Overclock” each time you use a Burst attack reducing the Adrenaline cost of future Bursts. Stacks up to six times.


  • The Boss Fights have each had a second pass and have gained unique Arenas, new abilities, better balance and are more polished.
  • You can now find Extra Lives in Dive mode.

Bug Fixes & Performance

There have been a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements in this version.

Quality of Life

The Directional Pad on controllers is once again supported in the menus. There may be a few places where it’s not 100% so if you find any areas it’s not working as expected please post them in the Discord!