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Heretic's Fork » The ??? Update

Hello Heretics!

In this update we’re introducing a new character bringing an entirely new mechanic to the realm of Heretic’s Fork, we’re also adding a new selection of cards some will be unlocked via promotions and some will be granted through challenges, more information below.

❓ Gilbo Gibbins joins the action

Are you ready to press your luck? Spin the wheel and find out! 👺

  • 🎲 New Gamble mechanic : Gilbo’s Ability

Scaling off the amount of luck you have you can increase your chances of getting a legendary, thus reducing your chances of destroying your cards (not banish). Other than that you can duplicate, make the cards free, randomize them (but keep the same rarity) or turn them to Legendary cards (Tier 5) if applicable or random ones if not applicable.

🪦 Postal Dude Gets Hired

We got a letter in the mail from DUDE begging to get a job so, as a variant for John Fenriz, INTRODUCING THE POSTAL DUDE! You can find out what he does in-game 😉

🃏 New cards

Some of these cards are unlocked by default, some are unlocked via the promotions’ system, and 4 of them are unlocked via challenges.

  1. Coin Barrage (Granted by completing Challenge)
  2. Lucky Flame
  3. Ups and Downs
  4. Lucky Rock (not obtainable unless via Bonus card is applied)
  5. Refund
  6. Risky Business
  7. Nuke (Granted by completing Challenge)
  8. Thief
  9. Lucky Break
  10. Synergist (Granted by completing Challenge)
  11. Destiny
  12. Bonus (Granted by completing Challenge)
  13. Lucky Crit
  14. Lucky Break (1)
  15. Lucky Break (2)
  16. Lucky Break (3)
  17. Lucky Break (4)
  18. Double Down
  19. Deal with the Devil
👺 New challenges
  • Fluke (Grants Bonus Card)
  • Good Break (Grants Nuke Card)
  • Honiton Hot Pennies (Grants Coin Barrage Card)
  • Akimbo (Grants Synergist Card)
🛠️ Fixes/Changes
  1. Fallen Crusaders damage 0.7>1.2
  2. Luck per rounds decreased from 5>2
  3. Reduced cost of garrison unit lifespan cards 5>3
  4. More consistent wording for garrison lifespan
  5. More consistent wording for curses/dark mark
  6. Various performance fixes
  7. Fixes to the “credit gain” animations
  8. Delta time fixes
  9. Gilbo rewards a key (essentially making Greezy optional to “complete” the game)
  10. Glibo Steam achievement
  11. Amount of cards that are awarded at the end of rounds are now limited to 7
  12. Fixed enemies spawning in on Torment 3+ when time is paused
  13. Cards that are pulled from the collection scale off of luck less (x0.5)
  14. Updated Messy Denny description
  15. Dark Mark cards are now tagged
  16. The progress bar no longer flashes when it’s the players turn
  17. Fixed an issue that caused the Fueled by Light card to not upgrade properly
  18. High Roller card is now unlocked by default
  19. Reduced luck gained from Fortunate to 4
  20. Reduced luck gained from Higher Roller to 7

🗨️ Ask Me Anything

By the time this update is live, we’d have organized an AMA session on r/Games! Where you can ask us anything you’d like to know about the game, the development and whatever lies in between. The AMA has started, so feel free to drop your question to the post below, and we’ll get right on them:

And we’ll start answering at 10 AM PST all throughout the day.

Link Here:

And finally we’d like to mention that we have successfully delivered two major updates in the time frame promised in our roadmap, and we have another major for next month, if you’re still hesitant to buy the game, now’s your chance, the experience is only getting better and better and hell still needs news managers, the Bullet Heaven Fest sale will be prolonged till Steam Autumn Sale so grab a copy for yourself and get to punishing sinners 👺

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