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TombStar » The TombStar Balance Update – 1.0.2 is here!

Thanks so much to everyone reaching out with their feedback, we’ve been reading it all over carefully and adjusting the game to put together a balance update for you all! Watching streams, videos and reading threads has been SUPER helpful to us, thank you so much to everyone who has been making content and reaching out!

Here’s what’s new:

Game Changes
  • Players progress faster through the meta progression, with level requirements being reduced
  • The order in which items are unlocked via the meta progression has been updated
  • Added player bios to the discoveries UI
  • New players start with 100 gems
  • A slight reduction in level 1 difficulty – including bosses
  • All bosses have had their damage resistance updated
  • Added new rooms, updated some room layouts, Fixed an issue with some floors in the infected biome
  • New controller crosshair settings to adjust the crosshair distance
  • Confirmation screens added to the pause menu
  • All weapons are now automatic firing
  • A.J’s starting weapon’s damage has been slightly nerfed (sorry, sniper fans!)
  • Buffed the Firefly weapon

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where upon reaching level 60 players would get stuck with a black screen
  • Resolved some issues with game loading, please let us know if these persist
  • Ammo counts should no longer go into the negatives
  • Fixed issue where the player could still control the character during the final cutscene
  • Numerous small optimisation updates and smaller bug fixes