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TombStar » The SAVE & RELOAD update is here!

Yee’haw pardners, I’ve got some GREAT NEWS!

The team have been hard at work, and we’ve got a brand new update for you! It features a couple of new things that we know players have been asking for, as well as some balancing fixes!

New Features:

Ability to Save and Exit a run at the warp gate exit

You’ll now be able to continue on from the next level at the main menu! We know lots of folks are busy, and when you’ve found THE RUN it’s hard to put down – now you’re able to do that safely at each end gate, and pick up where you left off next time you play!

Text Resizing

We know some folks were having difficulty with text sizes, so we’ve added the ability to increase them!

Gems are now awarded upon fully completing a postbox thread

The more you learn about the world around you, the more we now reward you! Get out there and grab those gems!

Lux and Pulsar can now take Upgrade cards to reroll perks

If you’ve been to Lux and Pulsar’s shop and didn’t like the upgrades on offer then we want to allow you to build the run that suits you better. With spare upgrade cards, you can now re-roll the perks that they are offering! The cost increases each time you roll but is reset between uses of Lux and Pulsar’s table.

New Rooms have been added

What could they hold?

Fixes and balancing:
  • Fixed an issue that was causing older graphics cards/systems to crash when loading into the main menu.
  • Adjusted the difficulty to be slightly more forgiving on unlucky or bad runs
  • Numerous small vfx tweaks