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Monsters 'Til Midnight » The Re-roll Update!

Hi everyone!

Since launch, being able to re-roll level upgrade choices has been once of the most requested feature updates, and we’re super happy to say that it’s finally here!

Here is the full list of changes;

Change Log

1.0.8588 July 7th, 2023

  • This update fixes a few minor issues and rebalances a few things, and also adds a new
  • Re-Roll permanent upgrade option.
  • You can use each Re-Roll once per run to refresh your level upgrade choices.

Re-roll Permanent Upgrade

There is now a new re-roll permanent upgrade that allows the option to re-roll level up choices, up to a maximum of 3 times per run when fully upgraded.

When purchased, your remaining rerolls are shown at the bottom of the upgrade choice list as below.

Minor Enemy Wave Rebalances

We mostly addressed a couple of specific issues that players brought to our attention;

  • In The Mansion, a lot of earlier enemy waves should now spawn a bit further away from the player to help prevent being overpowered at lower levels
  • In The Forest, the general enemy volume around 5-7 mins has been toned down a little, and a couple of waves also now spawn further away from the player

Future Plans

As mentioned in the previous update, we’re still actively working on both features and fixes for the game, but as a small team of two, these updates will likely be spread out over a slightly longer period of time.

Some of these future updates include;

  • “Cursed” Versions of the existing zones with both tougher enemies and heftier XP rewards
  • “Time Flies” rush variants of the existing zones with a faster clock speed for quicker sessions
  • New playable characters to unlock

As always, a huge thank you to everyone that’s been playing and enjoying the game so far, and for offering all of your great feedback in the community forums. We really do appreciate it.

Cheers, and have a great weekend!

The Retro Dreamer team