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No Reloading: Survival Trials » THE ONE Update for Demo

We have had an epic many weeks with the help of the G.Round crew, streamers, and players beating the bejeebers out of the evil goblins!

Trying something new this time! Here are the highlights of this update in VIDEO form!

Haven’t tried the demo yet? This trailer will give you a taste of what you’re missing!

Join the fun in the free demo/prologue on Steam today!

Just in case the video isn’t good enough, here are the full patch notes:

  • Tutorials now primarily appear in the new shooting ranges.
  • Added acid containment room, requiring super jumping.
  • Added lobby with laser defenses, requiring sliding.
  • Kicking now acts like a throw. Kicked enemies can be aimed with the crosshair, and will deal damage when colliding another enemy.
  • Added Focus Upgrade, increasing accuracy when using manual bullet time.
  • Higher difficulties are now unlocked in meta-progression.
  • Stunt abilities now are more likely to show up early game.
  • Added posters to the goblin compound, including references to many of the streamers who have supported and enjoyed NO RELOADING!
  • Roger now speaks about ambushes.
  • Roger now speaks about moving to the next floor if the player stays too long on one floor.
  • Roger now mentions he must have a free hand to use Reverse Projectiles.
  • Roger will now speak about using shoot dodge and slide to increase accuracy when dazed.
  • Players may now disable tutorials in options.
  • Players can now choose which shoulder the camera will follow in options.
  • Added more phrases to the giant tips before each level.
  • Increased healing on kill’s chain bonus.
  • Wrecking Ball now heals five hit points per item destroyed, opposed to one.
  • Decreased points necessary for meta-progression upgrades.
  • Rerolling upgrades now is less likely to show the same upgrades.
  • Increased pistol and stun gun ammunition counts.
  • Upgrades that increase healing on kill are now labeled in green.
  • Battle music more likely to trigger.
  • Foundry is more common, but only shows up after level five.
  • Super Jump now says to hold the jump key.
  • Goblin scientists will no longer respawn.
  • CRT effect in options now states that it only impacts the user interface.
  • Keybinds belonging to upgrades are now labeled in options.
  • Increased size of “Hold [ESCAPE] to skip” text, and made it larger.
  • Looking down in normal play no longer makes Roger spin.
  • Can only start gunslinger if there is a target.
  • Goblins should not be able to get stuck under the stairs in the Command Center anymore.
  • Resilience upgrades are no longer kept after death.
  • Lava (and acid) will no longer spawn particle effects forever at the origin.