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Super Fantasy Kingdom » The official Wiki!

Its already crazy how fast the game got translated into seven(!) different languages. But no, that was still not crazy enough. Once again the community came together and wanted to help. A wiki this time. Should be easy, right?

It was important to me that the wiki is usable without adblock, so mobile users can read it as well. We looked at all the options and quickly settled on So we applied and got accepted very fast. On you just get a page looking like Wikipedia, but you have full control over it. We really have the option to make it into a top gaming wiki with all the functions you’d expect.

Check out the wiki on!

We worked really hard to make it look nice and get a base structure in. I am so proud of what we achieved in only one day. Thanks to everyone that helped!

But now we need your help to fill it!

And join our discord community, where all these projects are born and coordinated!


Demo Build #27
– Added Ukrainian localization

– UI scaling resets when game starts on small resolutions

– Fixed camera constantly moving with some controllers and drivers
– Fixed workers not delivering the gathered stone or wood when it was the last one of the deposit (and rails were build)
– Fixed clogged jobs when that happend
– Fixed world farmer not working
– Fixed Treant rank 3 description

Demo Build #28
– Added French localization (WIP)
– Added slow-motion while dragging units
– Added short cooldown after moving a unit
– Implemented mechanic to revive units
– Initial resource deposits amounts less random

– Reduced bosses base health
– Increased bosses scaling health
– Reduced later monsters base health a little bit
– Deathpriest minions do only 1 damage but apply bleed
– Reduced Deathpriest base damage from 5 to 4
– Reduced Runescribe base damage from 4 to 2
– Reduced Crossbowman base and scaling damage
– Crossbowman doesn’t shoot far right or left anymore
– Increased Halfling range from 6 to 8

– Fixed level up screen displaying damage instead of health value
– Fixed Jailer achievement and set requirement to 95
– Fixed Treant passive
– Fixed Deathpriest passive
– Fixed Guardian sprites
– Fixed controller cursor vanishing on new day

Demo Build #29
– Disabled building of roads at night
– Tavern damage meter values get rounded
– Processing jobs ingridient cannot be spend before they are picked up anymore

– Decreased Lightning Elemental base from 3 to 2
– Decreased Monk scaling damage by 50%
– Increased Treant base and scaling damage by 25%
– Decreased Marksman cooldown by 0.25s

– Fixed not being able to buy horses at stables when no space for units left
– Fixed dead units could be healed in the same frame
– Fixed some units passives activated on the bench
– Fixed eating screen visible under level up screen reviving them
– Fixed production speed always displayed as 0s
– Fixed tavern allowing more jobs than storage for berries
– Fixed minibosses could be taunted
– Fixed elementals drinking beer
– Fixed dying after killing boss
– Fixed pausing in slow motion
– Fixed unit dying in slow motion
– Fixed night in slow motion
– Fixed house upgrades not visible
– Fixed units being inactive after moving during the morning
– Fixed human units upgrade falsely showing house icon
– Fixed achievements not displaying as unlocked until restart
– Fixed rank up sound playing multiple times on unpause
– Fixed speed of workers walking sounds
– Fixed Armor having Shield icon
– Fixed Magic Beans description

Demo Build #30
– Music change is not as abrupt anymore
– Navigating with keyboard is not as abrupt anymore
– Animal spawn chance is greatly affected by the amount of thickets

– Halved Knights buff for full shields
– Decreased Metal Mage from 50% to 30%
– Increased Demon Spider base health by 50%
– Increased Demon Spider scaling health by 10%
– Increased Demon Spider scaling damage by 50%
– Dinosaur targets furthest instead of nearest monster

Demo Build #31
– Merchants offers are a bit less extreme

– Increased Treant base damage from 4 to 5
– Decreased all Elementals base and scaling health
– Increased Fire Elemental projectile speed
– Increased Fire Elemental base and scaling damage
– Decreased Fire Elemental cooldown from 2s to 1.5s
– Decreased Lightning Elemental scaling damage

– Fixed units being able to attack and use their passive on the bench
– Fixed stuck in tavern after sacrificing
– Fixed weakness increasing magical defense instead of decreasing it
– Fixed mouse cursor when leaving resource bar
– Fixed Gremlin rank 3 description

Demo Build #32
– Cartographer only one new dialogue per run

– Reduced Miner scaling damage by 20%
– Reduced Miner (Monster) base damage from 3 to 2

– Fixed dead units getting experience
– Fixed message overlay buttons