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Chronicon » The Mechanist Arrives in January!

Hey everyone!

We’re launching the Mechanist DLC next month!

We planned to do it before christmas but unfortunately we’ve had some last minute problems with the DLC, and as you may be aware the game itself is a bit finnicky with starting right now. So we’re working on that and trying to get all that sorted out before we release The Mechanist. (Launching a DLC during the upcoming Winter Sale is also a pretty bad move if you’re a small developer like us).

We are sorry about the delays and recent technical problems, and thankful for your patience with us as we figure this out!

Meanwhile, consider wishlisting the DLC so you are notified once it’s (finally) out:

We’d also like to thank everyone for another great year in the Chronicon community!
Interacting with the community is by far the best part of the job, and we are very happy to have such a great one!

What the next year holds for Chronicon is uncertain, though we are looking to start something new… it won’t be Chronicon 2 – but it might just be related to Chronicon… so stay tuned for more news on that, in the next year.

See you in 2023!