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The Last Veggies » The Last Veggies – Update

Hi Players! ːsteamhappyː

The Update comes one day early this time! I have been busy the last few weeks and I have added the final achievements and the last map of the game! So now we have a total of 9 maps in 3 different gamemodes and lots of veggies within them! Furthermore there are 50 achievements for you to discover and unlock. The wole summary is down below. This Update marks almost the end of the Early Access. I have added all of the content the 1.0 Version should have but as testing came a bit short again this week the game will stick around in Early Access until the next Update (2024). Let me know what you think of the Update and also do not stop to report bugs or issues during your gameplay.
Stay tuned for another announcement tomorrow as the steam Winter Sale kicks in!

Orange Sloth Games


Fixes, Changes and new Content

New Content:

– added a new Map “The Way Out” for Gamemode 3
– added a new feature “buyable turrets” to the maps “The Way Out” and “The Last Stand”

– added the Achievement “To Space!”
– added the Achievement “Guns!”
– added the Achievement “All the Veggies!”


– reduced the force of the backfire for “Heavy” and “Raid” by 50%

– reduced the AOE of the permanent slime puddles

– reduced the amount of rubberballs to 1 per shot even with shotguns but increased the damage per ball by 25%
– affected Characters are Carl, Carl Senior and Timothy

– changed spawnpoints and camera settings for Gamemode 3 to implement Bosses to this Gamemode in the next Update


– fixed an issue where sometimes an unlocked map was shown as locked
– fixed and scoring issue in Map7 and Map8
– fixed an issue with the damage of permanent slime puddles
– fixed an Issue where “The M.O.A.M.” only had 2 different attacks instead of five