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The Last Veggies » The Last Veggies Update

Hi Players!

I hope you are all doing well! Autumn Sale is over and a few people have decided to join us here in The Last Veggies! Thank you all for supporting my Game! ːsteamsaltyː
In the last weeks I have been working on the second map of Gamemode 3 which comes now with this Update. It will bring a new mechanic and a new way to obtain seeds! So go and check it out! There is also a new evil boss lurking around in Gamemode 1. The “M.O.A.M” will bring a new challenge to tha game. Furthermore I have made some improvements to the balancing of the Game, I fixed some bugs and issues and tested all the new stuff as much as possible. Still if you encounter any issues with the game let me know. The full changes can be found below. The next Update will be online before Christmas so stay tuned!

I wish you all a great weekend! ːsteamhappyː
Orange Sloth Games


New Content, Fixes and changes

New Content:

– added a new Map “Area-Veggie-One” to Gamemode 3
– brings a new way to obtain seeds and a different layout

– added “The M.O.A.M”
– a new challenging Boss that may appear in Gamemode 1
– this boss can have different damage types (slime, normal, fire)
– this boss can spawn ALL kinds of monsters

– added a new Achievement “From Above”
– added a new Achievement “The Brain”

– added a “2.5d Soundfeel” so that sounds are more if they are further away
– added new Audio for Character “Raid”


– changed the scoring of Gamemode 2 and 3
– you can now score by killing monsters and completing the objective instead of just the objective
– a score will only be validated if the mission was a success

Golden Carrots:
– increased the golden carrot EXP Points in Gamemode 2 and 3 by 20%

– changed the wave for Bosses from 4-8 to 4-7
– increased the force with which the Blaster Master throws its grenade


– fixed a scoring issue with Map 7 “The Seed Vault”
– fixed an issue where the Achievement “Seed Saver” stayed locked even after completion
– fixed an issue where “Tiny Rex” Boss was able to spawn unlimited enemies
– fixed an issue where the “Corrupted Tree” Enemy was not being removed after death
– fixed an issue with the VPD Special pushing enemies out of the map
– fixed some sound issues with “Raid”