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The Last Veggies » The Last Veggies Update

Hi Players!

I hope you are all doing well. The game is coming closer and closer to the final 1.0 Version. We are still not fully there but close. In the last two weeks I have been able to finish the last of the characters for the full version. Don’t worry there will be more of them in the future but that is is for now. So this Update brings 3 more characters with unique features. Furthermore I have been fixing some new bugs that came wtih the last update and improved the gamefeel a little more by adding other audio effects and some balancing.New Events will also spice up your gameexperience. Testing has come a little short in the last few updates so I spend a little more time on it for this one. I hope everything works properly and you can enjoy the game without any trouble. The full Update log is below.
In the next two weeks I will work on one of the last two maps for gamemode 3. So stay tuned for more!

I wish you all a great weekend!
Orange Sloth Games ːsteamhappyː


New Content, Fixes and Changes

New Content:


Carl Senior:
– same as his son he is a true farmer and comes with special skills for the job

– a cyber soldier from the future with new specials that will change the tide in the battle against the monsters

– an AI that needs to be unlocked by proving your worth
– combines all character specials in one character
– “tip” unlock the 20 wave achievement to unlock this character


– characters now have a silent footstep sound for a better feel


Alien Fauna:
– permanent slime puddles make it harder for you to navigate the maps
– grants you 10% more golden carrot xp

– angry monsters deal 10% more damage
– grants you 10% more golden carrot xp


– fixed an issue with the game reset button (all characeters, maps and level should now reset)
– fixed an issue with the character description texts that wer not fully shown on the screen
– fixed an issue with some weapon mod items in the shop where the description did not fit in the box
– fixed an issue with some characters that were not able to shoot firebullets


– increased the chance for events when enabled
– lowered the explosive damage for multiple bullets
– lowered the rubberball damage for multiple bullets
– increased enemy amount in gamemode 2 map 1 “The Dirtlands”

*Let me know if you find anymore bugs or issues in the game (here in the steam discussions or on my social media)