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The Last Veggies » The Last Veggies Update

Hi Players!

I hope you are all doing well! In the last two weeks I have been focusing on fixing some issues that some of you have encountered during your gameplay. But I have also added a new character to the game that brings some changes to the gameplay and the difficulty of the game when chosen. I have now a plan for a total of 20 characters in the finished version of the game. (They are already in progress) Also there will be two more maps for gamemode 3 and more maps for the other gamemodes as additional dlc content in the future. I have achieved the right balance for gamemode 3 so i will be working on those in the next few weeks. And of course i will still keep fixing those nasty bugs that might appear from time to time. It is still an early access title! For the full changelog read the text below.
There are also some other news besides the update. The game will be featured in the steam autumn and winter sales so if you do not have a copy yet there will be a 50% discount during that time!

I wish you all a great weekend! ːsteamhappyː
Orange Sloth Games

Fixes, Changes and more:

New Content:

– added a new Character “Gunther” the Bounty Hunter
– brings 2 new specials, a new weapon and a new trait (could be a gamechanger)

– “Medic!” Achievement added
– “Infestation” Achievement added

– added 2 new cheatcodes for you to discover
– will unlock a map and a character if you haven’t unlocked them already

– added a white “flash” for enemies to better visualize damage to enemies
– also works for the tractor and training targets


– fixed an issue where the second weapon was glitching through without being unlocked

Character Selcetion:
– fixed an issue with an empty space in the selection that only appeared when going left
– fixed an issue where it was possible to level up characters beyond their max level with a gamepad

– fixed an issue where the player was no longer able to stop bleeding after using the tractor

– fixed an issue with the potato soup where the german translation was still in english


– lowered all enemy health between 5% and 10%

– increased the “Beanling” amount in the gamemode again as there were almost none

– Gamemode 3 wave text changed