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The Last Stand: Aftermath » The Last Stand: Aftermath is Out Now!

After four and a half years of development, we can’t begin to describe how thrilled we are to be able to say that The Last Stand: Aftermath is now live! There are too many people to thank and too many stories about development to tell, but for now we just hope all of you find some joy in this game that we’ve put so much into.

While we do want to keep this short and sweet, we wanted to make sure to thank all of you in helping make this game a reality. The Steam community has been absolutely invaluable in your constant support and enthusiasm. The feedback we received on our public demo was crucial in making Aftermath into the game it is today.

While we’re obviously focused on Aftermath’s launch today, this is just as much of a celebration of the almost decade and a half (!!!) old franchise and the amazing community that has formed around it. To that end, we’re excited to be able to offer a bundle that combines all single-player TLS games. You can get the The Last Stand Bundle which contains Aftermath and The Last Stand: Legacy Collection for 10% right now! If you already own Legacy Collection, then you can finish the bundle to get a cool 10% off Aftermath!

We could drone on with sappy platitudes all day, but we’re really just thrilled to finally be able to share the fruits of our labor with all of you and we hope you enjoy!