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The Last Human is a Biker » THE LAST HUMAN IS A BIKER is out!


List of new features in the Early Access Version

– A brand new game mode: Endless mode
This is a never-ending mode with waves of random aliens and penalty that make the game more and more difficult. To spice things up, elite aliens occasionally attack the player.

Leaderboards: Both game modes have their own online leaderboard (linked to the player’s steam account). Players can now try hard for top 1.

– A new upgrade module: Gravity
Draws all aliens in range into a wormhole.

– A new upgrade module: Efficiency
Slightly increases all weapon stats.

The Special Skills have been redesigned to have more impact in the game.

Driving 2.0: Character behavior has been reworked to give them more handling.

Tutorials: At the start of the first game, you will see tutorial interfaces to introduce you to the main mechanics of the game. You can disable them in the options menu.

Full control with the controller: the game is now 100% playable with the controller (improved menu navigation)

Auto-fire mode: for the lazy ones, an auto-fire mode is available in the options menu.

General rework and balancing of weapon modules