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Mechanibot » The Laser Update – Version 1.014

Hey Mechanibots, today’s update includes a highly requested feature: attack markers for lasers!

Better lasers for better lasering!

The laser attacks of the ice crystal enemies and the miniboss in Planet 2 are no longer unavoidable. They now display attack markers, giving you a chance to reposition your bots and Not Get Lasered. This brings these attacks in line with the behavior of other attacks in the game, creating a more consistent and reliable experience.

The full patch notes and details on other changes are down below. Thank you to everyone who provided the feedback for this update. As the only dev working on this project, your help is very appreciated!

And for the next update…

In other news, I am hard at work on Mechanibot’s first big update! As mentioned before, the main feature will be endless mode. Unlocked after beating the game, you’ll be able to build larger and stronger teams than you’d be able to otherwise. In addition, gameplay will be much faster, with no pause between rounds. It gets pretty hectic!

Introducing the mechanic robot class

We’ll also be getting five new robots and an entirely new class! The mechanic robots will assist the Mechanibot with keeping the team nice and healthy. Some provide straight healing, while others are more about damage mitigation. I’m excited to see the builds people come up with these new bots.

All right, until next time, I gotta get back to work! Please share the game if you like it, and please consider writing a review! It helps me a lot. The Steam algorithm loves reviews.

Patch notes

– ice crystal and slime miniboss lasers now use attack markers
– enemy laser attacks now travel full screen and hit all in path
– ice crystal cooldown increased
– slime crystal cooldown increased
– slime miniboss cooldowns increased
– adjustments made to the health values of all enemies (mostly reductions)
– save icon now appears in the top right corner of the screen when saving occurs
– hunter robot cooldown increased a little