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Astronarch » The Keys of Fate – Alternate Final Boss (v.1.6.0)

Hey all!
This final content update brings a brand new final boss. The new boss is the original entity which was corrupted, leading to the events seen in the game. This also acts as a teaser for the prequel now in development, as this boss is the protagonist. I am now ready to reveal the title of the new game will be Primarch, releasing some time in 2022.

Victor of a planet wide gauntlet, the Primarch absorbed the abilities of all it defeated. The Primarch toggles between 5 sets of abilities (6 on C20). I recommend a slightly more aggressive party than you would build for the regular final boss – bringing too much healing in place of damage will cause the Primarch to eventually scale out of control. Feel free to unleash your Whirlwind Axes and Symbiotes, this boss does not remove buffs.

In order to battle the new boss, you must collect 3 “key items” during a run. The location of each of these items can be seen in the Item Library, however they are very easy to naturally discover as well. You only get one opportunity to take each key in a run, so be certain when leaving them behind – they do not reappear.

Once all 3 keys are obtained, they combine in to an item which causes the new final boss to spawn in place of the normal one. You can also choose to instead sell this item for a hefty sum, making it a viable strategy to create the item exclusively for the gold return.

While this is the final content update, I will now be looking in to the feasibility of translations as I have mentioned previously. I want to give a massive thank you to everyone who has supported Astronarch, it’s thanks to you I was able to continue free updates coming for these past 5 months. I hope to entertain you all once again with the release of “Primarch” next year.

~ Dale

Patch 1.6.0

General Changes

  • A new final boss and key items have been added.
  • An achievement was added for defeating the new boss.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Water of Life not activating on 1 Morale while against bosses.

Also a big shout out to Anna Marcano for working with me to produce the new artwork at the top of this post. Visit the Discord for a desktop wallpaper version.

Official Discord: