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Mechanibot » The Infinite Update

Introducing Mechanibot’s first major free update: INFINITE. With Infinite comes the highly requested endless mode and an entirely new class of robots called the mechanics! It also includes tons of balancing updates, fixes, and features. Check out the full patch notes below.

Infinite Mode

The new Infinite Mode allows you to build your team beyond its normal limits and survive as long as you are able. The longer you stay alive, the larger your team can get and the more item effects you can stack. It also plays a lot faster. There are no pauses between rounds in Infinite Mode, enemy waves continue to spawn until they finally overtake you.

It’s important to note that you cannot unlock new solar levels through Infinite Mode, and you will also not be able to progress through the main story and fully defy your fate.

Infinite mode is unlocked by defeating the final boss one (1) time.

We Can Fix It

This update also comes with five new robots, all members of the brand new mechanics class. The mechanic robots help you keep your team alive by healing them, shielding them, and redirecting enemy attacks. Usually while also doing a bit of damage of their own.

These little friends should help a lot with your team’s suvivability and I’m excited to see what new comps people come up with!

Full Patch Notes

– Infinite Mode introduced
– Three new achievements added
– Solar Level 6 added
– Five new mechanic robots added
– robot gallery widened to accomodate new robots
– two new items added:

  • Blast Resistant: Crystal Mines deal -50% damage to robots.
  • Renewing Gear: Healing done by Mechanic robots is increased by +100%.

– Hack Chests have a small chance to appear in the store in later rounds
– Scorcher class effect and Burning Bullets item effect now apply to all attacks, rather than only projectiles
– no more round reward choices (you get both)
– certain rounds in Planet 1 now have random enemy spawns
– performance improved when many effects on screen
– changes to player upgrades purchased with flaws:

  • Cosmic Fate flaw upgrade double chance increased to 15% from 10%
  • Extended Reach flaw upgrade range increased to 10% from 5%
  • Wild Wrenches flaw upgrade rate per level increased to 2% from 1%
  • all flaw upgrade costs lowered by varying amounts
  • resetting your upgrades will refund all flaws you’ve spent before these changes

– changed Healing Boost to now heal robot to full at the beginning of each round
– adjusted hack mod amount owned placement
– increased multi hack double attack chance to 5% from 3%
– increased area hack size to 5% from 3%, damage to 10% from 5%
– increased Stormcaller max level area damage to 15% from 10%
– increased Spellweaver max level slow damage per second to 15 from 10
– increased Exploder class effect to 10%/25% from 10%/20%
– increased Drill Reinforcement item health increase percentage to 25% from 20%
– decreased number of mines spawned by boss 2 and boss 3
– decreased number of baby crystals spawned by slime armor miniboss
– decreased the health of most enemies by varying amounts
– fixed “healing done” on victory screen to be more accurate
– fixed shielded robots able to be slimed
– fixed enemy burning state to be inflicted more reliably
– fixed Igniter ignite effect damage not being tracked in stats
– fixed victory screen robots’ scaling to be more consistent with varying team sizes
– fixed team tracker number going off screen when team size in double digits using hd font